Poluce Pataviri

Obituary of Poluce Pataviri

Poluce P. Pataviri, age 78, of Yonkers died Tuesday, July 25, 2017. Poluce was born November 8, 1938 in Tehran, the son of the late Daniel and Banousha Pataviri. His love for education led him to become an Architect and a Civil Engineer. On January 22, 1966, he married Bella Gevorgiz. Together they had 3 children. Poluce had a passion for education and consistently encouraged his children to persue intellectual growth. He loved gardening, carpentry and spending time with his family. He is survived by his beloved wife of 51 years, Bella, his loving children Berton (Nancy) Pataviri, Anna Pataviri and Diana (Elvin) Pataviri. Also surviving are 3 grandchildren and many nieces and nephews. The funeral will be Friday at 10:00 at Assyrian Church of The East (Mar-Mari), 131 Buena Vista Avenue, Yonkers. Interment will be in Oakland Cemetery, Yonkers. He will always be remembered by his love of helping others and his amazing encouragement to his children to always overcome.

"Bite off more then you can chew, then chew it.

Plan more than you can do, then do it.

Point your arrow at a star, take your aim and there you are.

Arrange more time than you can spare, then spare it.

Take on more than you can bear, then bear it.

Plan your castle in the air, then build a ship to take you there."