One of the merchandise options we offer are caskets. Casket construction can range from simple and inexpensive materials such as cardboard or corrugated fiberboard, to finely crafted hardwood, such as poplar, cherry, oak, elm and mahogany, as well as metal, such as steel, copper and bronze. They start in price from $995. Caskets may be engraved and personalized. We also offer outer containers which consist of concrete or steel vaults, which the casket is placed into at the cemetery. Their main purpose is to provide a foundation for the grave. Additionally, they also protect the casket from moisture or elements in the grave. New York State Law does not require the use of an outer container. However, there are some cemeteries that do require their use. They start in price from $1050.

Urns are also available for cremated remains. They are constructed of many different materials including marble, wood, steel, bronze and crystal. Urns may be engraved and personalized and may also display an activity, such as fishing or golfing, etc.

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