Sinatra Family of Funeral Homes specializes in providing beautiful, dignified services that honor the life of a loved one. Our experienced, licensed funeral directors are expert in helping families arrange a service that is both comforting and appropriate. It is our sincere honor and privilege to be of real assistance and comfort to those who call or come into our funeral homes. Whether it involves questions and information, or the need to make funeral arrangements, our experienced professional staff can assist each family in making informed, intelligent decisions, while respecting different creeds, cultures, traditions and personal preferences and guided by each family's personal choices, we make every effort to provide sensitive, caring, and professional service. Our options range from various full service traditional funerals to the simplest of cremation and burial services and include a nearly unlimited variety of offerings to meet the needs of the families.

When a death occurs, your primary responsibility is to yourself and the ones you love. For you to receive the help you need to face the many issues requiring attention simultaneously we urge you to call us immediately. Regardless of the day or hour, our staff is always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently.

The Sinatra Family of Funeral Homes is able to provide a wide range of services including:

  • Transfer of the deceased from the place of death to our facility.
  • Conference with family members to determine and finalize funeral arrangements.
  • Complete preparation, if selected (including embalming, hairdressing, cosmetic application, restoration, dressing and casketing).
  • A comprehensive selection of caskets, outer interment receptacles, (burial vaults)* and burial clothing.
  • Coordination of details with clergy.
  • Coordination of details with newspaper, cemetery/crematory, fraternal organization or other organizations.
  • Complete use of facilities and automotive services.
  • Supervision of visitation/funeral services/memorial services/interment, entombment or inurnment.
  • Assistance in obtaining various survivor's benefits when applicable.
  • A full selection of prayer cards, acknowledgments, memorial folders, as well as laminating services.
  • Payment options which include: cash payment, major credit card or assignment of life insurance policy.
  • Complete supervision when death occurs out of town or burial/cremation is to take place out of town.

In addition to the Funeral Arrangement Options, the Sinatra Family of Funeral Homes provides the following services specifically for cremation.

Caskets/Containers which may be used for the cremation process include:

  • Traditional wood caskets
  • Cremation caskets which are specifically designed for the cremation process
  • Alternative containers which are minimum containers designed for cremation
  • A comprehensive selection of urns manufactured from a wide variety of materials such as: Bronze and Copper, Hardwood, Marble and synthetic materials.
  • A selection of urn vaults, which are outer receptacles to be used when ground burial of cremated remains is selected. Urn vaults are lined with a variety of materials such as: Bronze and Copper, Stainless steel, Marbelon and ABS.

Again, we wish to make clear that all Funeral Options, including viewing and visitation, casket selection, funeral or memorial services are available to families selecting cremation.

The Sinatra Family of Funeral Homes also specializes in Domestic and International Shipping.