Thomas Buckley

Obituary of Thomas Buckley

Thomas James Buckley was born on Friday, November 7, 1969.

He was a loving son, brother, father, and friend to all. He was the third child born to John and Gloria Buckley. He was a brother to John, Linda, Danny, and Gina. He had a beautiful daughter, Jillian. He loved his daughter Jillybean more than anyone could ever imagine. She was the apple of her father's eye.

Tommy was smart, athletic, and always the life of the party! Tom was the one you would talk to when nobody else was willing to listen. He would stick up for his siblings no matter what trouble they would get into!

He was a huge Yankee fan. His favorite players were Thurman Munson and Don Mattingly. When he was a kid, he would spend many hours playing baseball in the schoolyard with his brothers and neighborhood friends.

Thomas will be greatly missed by all that have had the privilege of knowing him. Rest in Peace. Never forgotten, always in our hearts.